Best places to hike in the US

Are you craving some fresh air, and beautiful serene views? Does the traveler instinct encourage you to pack your bags and move up to the hiking trails?

If this is what is keeping your mind occupied for a long time then get ready as we are going to share with you some of the mind boggling hiking trails in the US that you can look forward to satisfying your adventurer zeal. 

These best hiking trails in the US include breathtaking views, lush green spaces, color-popping leaves, and lots more.

  • Nankoweap Trail, Arizona 

It is considered one of the most challenging hikes in the Grand Canyon. The route is completely jaw-dropping and was originally constructed by geologist J.W. Powell in the 1880s. It follows a path plunging 6,000 feet in 14 miles from the north rim to the Colorado River. 

The solitary campsite is one such location you should not afford to miss with the canyon unfurling right before you. It takes 3-4 days to hike in this region and it is quite hard. So make sure you have all arrangements in place before you set foot at this location.

  • Yosemite National Park

It is one of the most famous and best hike locations in the US. As you hike, you will get plenty of opportunities to stroll amongst towering ancient redwood trees and experience Nevada falls. They both are epic to explore. During monsoon, it can become quite slippery so be sure to wear proper footwear and make use of the handrails that are provided.

  • Kalalau Trails, Hawaii

This beautiful trail in Hawaii provides breathtaking views and the path on this trail provides only land access to Kauai Na Pali Coast. It is an awesome landscape of tropical valleys, waterfalls, and mango trees. The trail is secluded between two volcanic ridges which are spectacular. It takes 3-4 days to go ok hiking in this specific region.

  • Tillamook Head Trail, Oregon

The trail is 6.3 miles long and climbs over 1,000 feet through old-growth forests. The trail covers dramatic views of mountain ridges. As you move along the trail it descends toward Indian Beach. Here you will face Cannon Beach and its famous sea stacks right in the front.

  • Penobscot and Sargent Mountains

These two summits are the most rewarding hike destination for the traveler. These rocky scrambles and crystal clear ponds are highly mesmerizing in every way. With water across three sides, the panoramic view makes it a must-visit place. The 5.4-mile loop begins and ends at Jordan Pond’s house. 

  • Mount Rogers, Virginia

It is Virginia’s highest peak that rises 5728 feet in the southwestern Blue Ridge Mountains. It is near the North Carolina border and starts at Maddie Gap in Grayson Highland state park. This trail is a 4.5 mile trail and partly follows the Appalachian Trail. It will take one day to hike across this location and is a really beautiful spot.

  • West Maroon Creek Trail, Colorado

This trek is best and rewarding when done in July and connects Aspen and Crested Butte. It offers abundant larkspur’s, violets, and blue columbines. The trail has Maroon lake which reflects twin peaks of maroon bells and is one of the most photographed locations. It takes approximately one day to complete the trek and there are several other shorter variations of the trek that you may take forward.

  • Tongue Mountain Loop, New York

This beautiful trek trails out into lake George and the five peaks in the area offer Serene and a peaceful picturesque view. Though the region has multiple trails the trekkers or the hikers focus on a 13-mile loop around the lower half. It offers lovely views of the lake and its many islands. 

These are some of the best locations in the US to go for a hike. The United States is a pretty diverse and vast country to explore and that’s what makes it special. There is a huge mix of best hikes that are spread across the country from eastern rugged shorelines to great plains. These different landscapes and climates make the best hikes destinations in the US.

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